Happy Anniversary!

Three years ago today, I never would’ve expected that I would be sitting in our pretty little house, tending to a very unhappy teething baby on our third wedding anniversary. Three years ago today, I was having my hair and makeup done, and then hurrying to the church to shimmy into my dress.
Three years ago today, we cut into our beautiful cake and giggled like teenagers. We had just said our vows, and did not know what was to come, for better or for worse, sickness and good health, but we knew that we were in it together. And while the good and the bad have both come, as well as the sickness and the health, we are stronger than ever. The past year in particular has been full of many ups and downs: the early birth of Jude; plenty of health problems, both ours and of our family members’; moving to a new house; and enjoying the delights of a growing baby boy. Each thing comes with its own trials, but with its own distinct blessings as well.
I love you, honey. I knew from the beginning that you and I would be good together. Being with you is God’s biggest blessing and I am thankful for every day that we have together.

Me and my mom.

My sister and I.

Awww, look how young and sweet we were!

I will s ay, I wish we were getting on a plane for Hawaii tomorrow, like we did three years ago! And I’m wishing for some wedding cake, too… yum!