Birthday Weekend

What a marvelous weekend it was!  It was a wonderful beginning to my twenty-seventh year (gulp). On Friday, Jude and I went to Norman where we met our friend Julie for lunch at my most favorite Mexican place, Pepe Delgado’s. I think my art school cronies and I ate there at least three times a week in college. Friday was so absolutely gorgeous; it was around 70 degrees and it was the last day of the semester at OU, so there was this palpable buzz of change and excitement in the air on Campus Corner. It was also Jude’s first visit to the Fred Jones Jr. School of Art where we viewed the senior visual communications art show (excellent, by the way). I even ran into a couple of my viscomm professors, who I have not seen since graduation, four years ago already. 

Gorgeous flowers sent to me by my handsome husband.

Remember these fab flowers from Earl’s Fiesta? Thanks to Chrysi for her marvelous display! They look gorgeous!

Simon had worked so hard to pull together a fantastic party for me at my parents’ house on Friday night. We had a great turnout of friends and family and we dined on delicious food from Carrabba’s. My sister-in-law Chrysi came over earlier to help decorate with the flowers from Earl’s fiesta last week. But when I first got to Mom & Dad’s, Mom rushed me into the living room to see the funniest thing ever:

This is the big family portrait that hangs over the fireplace at my parents’ house. We had the portrait done on Mom & Dad’s big 50th anniversary trip to Laguna Beach last June. I was pregnant with Jude, so technically, he is in this photo. But Mom thought that he needed to be officially added.  So there he is, floating in from the left side of the frame, carefully cut out. We all laughed that he has been grafted into the family tree. It just cracks me up – he’s bigger than some of his grown cousins!
Mmmm, cupcakes!
I’m super excited about this cake pan that my parents got me. It’s a gigantic cupcake! Can you imagine all the fun things you can do with this? My in-laws also got me a Sprinkles cupcake mix (vanilla) and some silicone cupcake liners. Oh, and some sprinkles, too! 

Cookies!!! Simon has already gone through this marvelous book (a great gift from Earl & Chrysi) and picked out which cookies he wants me to make. It’s going to be a yummy week here at our house. I really love to bake; I remember as a kid, my mom told me that if you can read, you can cook. 

On Saturday, another glorious day, we drove back down to Norman and had barbeque for lunch. We thought it might be fun to check out the Symphony Decorator’s Showhome in downtown Oklahoma City. This year, it’s a series of four new-construction brownstones. While we were too late to tour the showhomes (um, who closes at 3:30 on a Saturday afternoon? Boo), we were able to tour some of the finished, unfurnished homes. They are super-cool and very well-designed. Jude even christened the wood floors of one of them (a petite spit-up incident), thus giving his seal of approval. 
jude blocks

Finally, we finished out the weekend with a relaxing Sunday – going to church, having lunch at Cafe do Brasil, and hanging out. Simon wanted to go play tennis last night, so we packed Jude up in the stroller, and hit the ball back and forth. The tennis court by our house also has a little playground, so I thought Jude might like to test out the baby swings. He started pumping his feet, as if he was in the jumper, and was somewhat perplexed when he wasn’t bouncing. He liked it best when his Daddy swung him; I guess I swing him too mildly. 🙂 haha

All in all, it was such a great weekend. I was reminded how totally blessed I am with my fantastic family and friends. It was such a great way to start off my 27th year, and I know great things are to come this year.