Adventures in Real Estate, Part I: Timing is Everything

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As my suggested title above states, timing really can be everything in life. Our belief in that was reinforced last night, with a showing of our old house that we’re trying to sell.

We were contacted by a realtor earlier last week, who thought she had a couple of clients who might be interested in our house. We set up a meeting, and I cleaned the house like crazy.
Another view of the formal living room
The day of our scheduled meeting, the house was perfect, and Jude was napping. I was bored, so I decided to bake some cookies, as I was hopeful that the wonderful wafting scent of homebaked goods would be inspirational to any prospective new homeowners. The couple and realtor showed up, and Simon, Jude, and I hung out in the dining room.
China Cabinet a la Blanche.
As we were sitting there, I started to smell something. Was it the delightful scent of warm, ooey gooey, soft chocolate chip cookies? Hmm. No. It kinda smelled like… well, like a dirty diaper. A quick sniff of Jude proved that in fact, it was not him.

At this moment, the husband of the couple popped his head in the dining room. “Um, sorry, but, um, your dog…? Uh, I think your dog, uh…”

Let me save you the awkwardness — Mazie laid a big ol’ poop, right in the middle of the entry of the hallway, under our newly-installed, uber-bright can light. For all to see. Unashamed.

That dog has timing, that’s for sure.