Animal House

Several things make me smile about my life here in Oklahoma City. Among them are the Canadian Geese that have taken residence in the northwestern parts of the city, specifically revolving around the Waterford at NW 63rd and Penn. This involves dangerous, yet apparently careless waddles across Penn Avenue, especially in the spring with their young (especially dangerous – what kind of parents are these geese?). Traffic screeches to a halt as they carelessly meander in their goose-walking way across the street.

Today, there is an aberration of the typical pattern. The full-size geese (too early for any young or adolescent geese – gangly as any human adolescent kid) are seated facing downward on an incline, as if they are in an outdoor amphitheater listening to a concert or a speech.

It just cracks me up for some reason. They have such personality.

And then there is Yoda.

Not long after moving into our new house, I noticed our across-the-street-neighbor’s gray cat. It would sit in its yard and eye ours, in a how-dare-you-live-there cat kind of attitude. And I would find the cat fleeing our backyard, or occasionally yowling at the front door.

And then one day, the neighbor is in his yard, yelling at the top of his lungs. “Yoda! YODA! YOOOOOOOOOOODAAAAAAAA!!!!” And there the gray cat would go, running across the street into his own yard. This happens with regularity now, usually at least once a week. Yoda will be at our back window, or under my office window, and yowl like a screaming child, a sound I have NEVER heard from any cat ever.

I think he’s possessed.