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Updates from the hospital & more

It’s been the weirdest week here. I’ve run the gamut of emotions: hope, despair, joy, anger, sadness, numbness. It’s a rollercoaster that, frankly, I would really like to get off of. As for my mom, things remain the same. There were days where we really thought we’d be planning a funeral and then there have
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Hard stuff.

When the phone rings at 4am, it’s never good news. I opened one eye early Friday morning and realized that not only had my phone been buzzing but I’d missed numerous texts from my sister. I stumbled out of bed into the living room and called her immediately. “You need to come to the hospital
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An Update on Mom

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the community here, and for each one of you who has messaged me or left a comment here or elsewhere about my mom and what she’s going through. THANK YOU. I’m going to copy an email I sent to some of my family about what’s been
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We’re in the trenches

Sometimes in life, you’re down deep in the trenches, fighting hard, struggling to breathe. I’ve been here many times before, but right now we’re back in the trenches with my mom. I was adopted by my parents as a newborn when they were in their forties. They’ve always said that I kept them young, but
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