! Fiesta ! Invitation Originally uploaded by maliburachel We here at the Shingleton household can’t wait for Sunday night. We love a good party, and this Fortieth Fiesta will undoubtedly be one to beat!

Preemie No More

Baby Jude, nearly a whopping 6 months old (where has the time gone?) is not so tiny anymore. I was doing his laundry tonight, and found this tiny hat amongst the other little shirts and pants. I just can’t believe how big he’s gotten. It’s such a miracle!

Tea Over Ice (via DesignCrush)

Um, I think I’m in love. The affection I feel for iced tea is monumental. And this might be the coolest presentation of iced tea that I’ve ever seen. Teaforte Tea-Over-Ice via DesignCrush

Jude’s Birth Announcements

birth announcements Originally uploaded by maliburachel Weeeeeell, it’s only been five months since Jude was born. Still in the acceptable window of time for sending out birth announcements, right? ::blushing:: We finally decided to just go for it. In the end, we printed the design on the left, but used the blue and green colors…