A quick catch-up

I’ve had this post sitting in draft mode for awhile because I kept meaning to get back to it but now we’re in quarantine and now there’s ALL THE FREE TIME. SO MUCH EMPTY TIME!  I say that jokingly because in reality, it doesn’t feel like that much free time. Somehow the hours of the…

Quarantine in the age of coronavirus

Coronavirus and quarantine. I definitely did not see this one coming. The week before Spring Break, we were still planning our trip to Los Angeles and were really wrestling with whether or not to pull the plug on it. I just couldn’t get comfortable with all the what-ifs. The last straw was when Disneyland announced…

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Get more out of your patio: 5 tips to Creating Your Perfect Retreat

Ahhhh, spring! Over the weekend, we had our landscaping cleaned up and it seemed like a great opportunity to do some patio prep.  Plus,  if we’re doomed to coronavirus lockdown, I figure we’re probably gonna be shuffling from bedroom to living room to outdoors and back again AND WE MIGHT AS WELL MAKE THE BEST…

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