My closet is falling apart & other things

Framed pineapple photograph - white gourd lamp from Horchow - Beachy fall florals at

In the blink of an eye, we are midway through September. In the next couple of weeks, Simon and I are taking Jude back to NYC for a little mini getaway while I attend the Better Homes & Gardens’ stylemaker event. I figured since we’re set to appear in the newest addition to the Meredith roster of magazines, I ought to¬†go again. ūüėČ ¬†Plus it’s a great opportunity to get inspired and hear what other bloggers are up to.

Got any new fun NYC must-sees to tell me about? I’d love to hear ’em. We’ve got a list started of things we want to hit while we’re there. Jude particularly wants to go to Ellis Island which I think would be so fun.

Framed pineapple photograph - white gourd lamp from Horchow - Beachy fall florals at

On Tuesday night I was standing in my underwear trying to figure out what to wear to a fundraising gala¬†we were attending with friends when out of nowhere – without me even touching anything – my side of the closet literally fell apart. The rod that holds allllll the things said “You know what, lady? I’ve had enough. I’m dunzo.” And it plummeted to the floor. I may or may not have screamed.

Which to be fair, is entirely understandable. Closet Rod, I’d probably do the same thing too, if I were you. But now that we’ve expressed our feelings, can you please get back up there and do your job? Pls and thx.

Sibling rivalry has reared its ugly head in the past few months. Little brother is becoming more of a pest and Jude expresses his frustration in all the usual ways.  But then last week I was putting the clean dishes away. In our kitchen I have a drawer where all the plastic cups and sippys live. But lately, the plastic cups are fewer and far between, and the sippys reign supreme. Jude came into the kitchen, pulled open the drawer and says this:

I really want to talk to you about something.

Ok. What’s that.

See this drawer here? It’s full of Archer’s cups.

Uhhh …

And I don’t see a single cup that belongs to me in there.

Oh, but … (in my head I’m thinking “We have 8 billion regular cups; these aren’t yours to use?”)

So I want a drawer full of cups for me. Because this just isn’t right.

Me, confounded: Ooooookay.

(I still haven’t cleaned out a drawer just for him.)

Happy weekend, everybody!


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