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Happy New Year! Hooray for a fresh new start and a clean slate.  I’m sad to see Christmas break go, to be honest. I was commiserating with other mom friends from Jude’s school and we all lament the return to homework and carpool and craziness. Whyyyy so much homework in 2nd grade?! They’re only babies! Eight year old babies! 😉

Speaking of babies, there are only days left until my actual baby is one. Mere days left before Archer is no longer a baby! This is equal parts heartbreaking and awe inducing. I have savored every single day of 2015 with that little nugget. But more on that in a couple of weeks.

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-4

That crazy baby made a beeline straight for the stairs the second we walked in the door to the house at Carlton Landing on Thursday. I spent New Year’s Eve chasing him to the stairs, manufacturing a ghetto-rigged contraption to bar him from making it up the stairs, and then promptly grabbing him once he managed to thwart my feeble attempts to contain him. He was all “HAAAA MOM. YOU SO FUNNY. I WILL NOT BE CONTAINED.”Christmas break pencil shavings studio-5

Whatever, little baby. This isn’t your Momma’s first rodeo! Nope! So after a relatively uneventful but relaxing NYE with some friends at the house, I got up at zero dark o’clock (gahhhh) and drove straight to the Walmart in Checotah, Oklahoma to buy baby gates. And I was one of maybe five people in the whole store because who goes to Walmart in rural towns at 8am on New Year’s Day?  Me apparently. I WILL WIN THIS ONE, CHILD.

baby proofing

It ain’t pretty, but it gets the job done. This is the problem with an open living concept – it’s hard to contain small dogs and small children.

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-6

Christmas break pencil shavings studio

Other than climbing nonstop, Archer spent the rest of his time in his wee chair where Nickels could keep an eye on him. Because babies = snacks, right? Of course!

Christmas break pencil shavings studio-7

The rest of the weekend was spent on long walks, baking snacks, taking naps, and monitoring Jude and his buddies as they bounced from house to house.

burts bees baby cardiganChristmas break pencil shavings studio-7target style red star carlton landing pencil shavings studio boardwalk cottagetarget style red star carlton landing pencil shavings studio cottage shiplap

It was a long weekend full of sweatshirts and  Ugg slippers which are my new favorite thing. They don’t ever leave the house but man are my feet happy and warm.

ugg slippers pencil shavings studio dash albert rug

Happy New Year everyone!

with love,

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