Let’s go to the Caribbean & Bahamas

Castaway Cay in the Bahamas - Disney Fantasy -


If there could be heaven on earth, I’m pretty sure it’s a beach in the Bahamas. Or maybe in the Caribbean. Either way, pristine sand and sparkling clear blue water makes for paradise, no doubt. This spring break’s Disney Cruise took us to a few ports of call I’d never been to and as I love nothing more than a gorgeous beach, this was right up my alley. I thought you’d enjoy a little virtual vacation too.

First up is the incredibly lovely island of Castaway Cay in the Bahamas. Owned by the Disney company, it’s the cruise line’s private island that  was converted into a perfect little port of call thanks to a $25 million budget back in the 1990s. Last year we didn’t get to visit due to high winds and bad weather, but not knowing what we were missing out on, we weren’t too disappointed. Now that we’ve been, we can say hands-down that it was our favorite stop of the whole trip.

Castaway Cay - Disney Cruise -

With all the clear water, clean beach, and tropical fish that you could care to see, the island is split into a family area and an adults-only area (which Simon’s grandmother thought meant nude. But this was not the case. haha). We took advantage of the free childcare after playing around in the water at the family beach and took the tram over to the adults only area. And holy Moses was it gorgeous.2014-03-21-14.00.23

Castaway Cay - Disney Cruise -

Castaway Cay - Disney Cruise -

Castaway Cay - Disney Cruise -


You can rent bikes, snorkel gear, and rafts on the beach right as you get off the ship. The weather was perfection at around 80 degrees, and the water was definitely chilly but manageable. Jude was happy about the general lack of any major waves, as well as all the tiny (and not so tiny!) fish swimming around his feet. I swear it was like a lifesize saltwater aquarium.

But a few days prior, we arrived in Grand Cayman via tender (ugh rocky waters and tiny boat!) and were shuffled off into a bus by a female taxi driver who I swear was 90 years old if she was a day. We sat there for 10 minutes until she came back and put us in a different bus, and then we were off to a beach club. For a low price, we were able to have a couple of beach chairs and access to the gorgeous water. After awhile we wandered up the beach a ways, and I’m so glad we did – I love nothing more than a little real estalking and there were some gorgeous properties further down from where we were at.

Grand Cayman - Disney Fantasy cruise -

Grand Cayman - Disney Fantasy cruise - Grand Cayman - Disney Fantasy cruise -

Grand Cayman - Disney Fantasy cruise -

Jude had had his face painted earlier in the day which made for some wacky looking photos. heheGrand Cayman - Disney Fantasy cruise - Grand Cayman - Disney Fantasy cruise - Tory Burch sandals in Grand Cayman - Disney Fantasy cruise -


Nothing makes me happier than swimming in the sea, pretending like I’m a mermaid. I found myself restored and refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

Or at least Carlton Landing. 🙂


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