Lisa Hoke at the OKC MOA

Lisa Hoke Installation at the OKC MOA

Over on the Instagrams, I’ve been noticing fellow OKCers checking out the latest installation at the OKC MOA. Created by the (evidently amazing) Lisa Hoke, Come on Down is running through April 14th and is totally worth the visit.  I can’t describe it any better than the Museum website, but suffice it to say it’s a giant sculpture of multicolored awesomeness created by everyday found objects. Pepsi cups? Yup. Lego boxes? Yup. Paper coffee cup lids? Yup. It was absolutely stunning, and the real thrill was to see how she created texture through these rather basic everyday finds.


Lisa Hoke exhibit at Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Lisa Hoke exhibit at Oklahoma City Museum of Art



Look at my cuties. Love them.  Before we toured the museum, Jude and I took advantage of Saturday drop-in art, which is an ongoing series of free hands-on art classes they offer for kiddos. We made a bunch of different collages inspired by Lisa Hoke and then took our time perusing the different collections.



The room next to the Lisa Hoke installation is one of my favorites. I remember  bringing  Jude when he was a baby (still love this post – my baby!!) and feeling like those striped paintings really rocked my world.



Abstract paintings continue to inspire me. Finding one that can endlessly say something to you is the real trick. I love the gigantic scale of the painting below. It’s so passionate and layered.


If you’re in the OKC area, definitely check out the Lisa Hoke show before it closes in April. You could seriously sit in there for hours and never see all of it.

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