Week in Review

Happy Friday, everyone!  How was your week?



So if you’ve been lurking around much on Pinterest, no doubt you’ve noticed the explosion of braid inspiration happening over there. I have never been able to do much  more than just a simple 3-strand braid, but I’ve been experimenting and having fun with it. But I gotta say — really good braids are HARD.  And additionally, I can’t seem to keep the braid(s) nice and tight. Inevitably they fall out and get really loose pretty quickly. What am I doing wrong, experienced braiders?


Elsewhere, we’ve been collecting bids to have our family room and kitchen repainted. Guys, I’m about to do cartwheels, I’m so excited! If I’m dreaming big, I’m hopeful we’ll redo the backsplash in the kitchen too, but I’m just so happy that we’ve gotten this far in the process. Goodbye country French kitchen w/ weird buttery yellow cabinets! Hello crisp & clean!


April showers bring May flowers – and tornados, too, in Oklahoma. So we’ll take the sunny days when we can. Simon got my bike spiffed up (that I bought on eBay – in college!) and we’ve enjoyed going on scooter/bike rides with Jude.  On days he’s out of school, he’s played outside for hours on end. And gotten super dirty in the process. But isn’t that the best part of being a kid?


On Thursday I found myself with no internet at home (!), so I went over to the library and got a full dose of inspiration the old-fashioned way — through books. As much as I love the ease of digital convenience, there’s nothing like a beautifully designed book.

Have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you here next Monday!

xoxo —



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