In the spirit of fall

Last week was Fall Break, which, really, isn’t nearly as exciting as Spring Break. Nobody automatically thinks “Fall Break! Bikinis and beaches!”, you know? But I’ll take it – a break is a break.  This year,  nephew Ben (of room redesign fame) came to stay with us while his parents went to Dallas for furniture shopping. Jude practically did back flips to have Ben come stay. In fact, numerous times he has asked that Ben come back and live with us. I, for one, would be fine with this; his mother, I’m sure, would not.  Fifteen year olds are really handy to have around. I put him to work unpacking Pencil Shavings Studio things, which I paid him for in pizza. Win-win!

On Friday I decided it was The Time To Get Some Pumpkins. Sufficient time has now passed that it wouldn’t anger me nearly as much if the squirrels start eating our pumpkins (last year or the year before, I was overly ambitious and put the pumpkins out at the end of September, which apparently is squirrel-ese for “Oh, you must have gotten this for us to feast upon.”)  It had stopped raining for one brief shining moment, so we loaded up in the car and headed down the road to the Plant Stand.  I love how orderly the rows of pumpkins are – like stripes of orange. (Don’t you love how I can find a stripe in anything?)

I have a soft spot for the teeny tiny baby pumpkins.

Finally we loaded our purchases in the car. The pumpkins nestled happily among Piperlime purchases to be returned, a photography lighting set, and toilet paper. Priorities, ya know?

We had to wait a few days for the deluge to stop, but I’m happy to say that several days have passed and no squirrels have eaten my pumpkins.


I’m watchin’ you, squirrels.

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