Anthro Opening in OKC

Getting new retail (or restaurants, for that matter) in Oklahoma City gets people pretty excited. Known historically as a city of people who are more than willing to travel for fashion, it’s long been the norm to have to book it to Dallas to get the good stuff. The internet has changed that, but sometimes there’s nothing better than going in-store to feel fabrics and getting to try on a load of stuff.

Unless you have a 4-year-old in tow. In which case, get thee to the internet. Quickly. And preferably with free shipping, natch.

With the development of the Classen Curve and subsequent arrival of our Whole Foods (squeal!), sometimes I look around and think that I can’t believe how much this city has changed in the past ten years. NBA teams! Hipster groceries! Modern architecture! And now our Anthropologie has arrived.  I received an email a few weeks back from the Anthro PR people inviting me to the opening party this past Thursday night. I about spit out my iced tea and then emailed a hasty reply (OMG! YES YES YES YES YES!). And then in true Pencil Shavings form, I strategically planned my outfit.

I gotta say, Anthropologie is killing it this season. There are so many good finds and the line for the dressing room was literally 45 minutes long. Since I was child-free, I grabbed a handful of clothes I’d been eyeing and meandered toward the line.  I’m madly in love with all of the gorgeous primaries this season; the perfect shades of yellow, flame red, and cobalt blue are nothing short of perfection.


I wish I could find a photo of the yellow scallop silk blouse that I grabbed, and just in time, because it was clearly the crowd favorite that night judging by its repeat appearance in the equally-long checkout line.  I had seen Caitlin Creer in the same blouse at Alt, and then was kinda sad when I couldn’t find it online. It was my one lone purchase of the night and totally worth standing in line to check out for 30+ minutes.  However, check out that gorrrrrrgeous green Court dress by Moulinette Soeurs (bottom left photo above). I wish to high heaven I had pulled the trigger on that dress. There isn’t a body that wouldn’t look amazing in that. It is that good, y’all.  Another favorite find were the Joe’s Jeans Cavalier skinny pant. They’re super soft & very stretchy; even though they’re definitely a skinny jean, they are ridiculously flattering even on my curvy, pear-shaped frame. I’m putting them on my list for sure.

Here’s some of my other current Anthro faves.

Save for Web & Devices

dresses: Cynthia Rowley Citric dress // Conspicuous Shell Dress
tops: Washed Chambray Buttondown (another OKC crowd fave) // Maeve Fresh as Air top (gorgeous in kelly green in-store)
skirts: Maeve Nubby Stripes skirt // Maeve Buttered Tweed skirt

Big thanks to the Anthropologie team for inviting me!  I am so glad you guys are here to stay!

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