Simple Advent Calendar

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Ever since I was a child, I have loved advent calendars. There is something so wonderful about the daily anticipation of a little treat, especially in the Christmas season.   I’ve seen some awesome ideas floating around the blogosphere and this year I wanted to try something different.  Last year I used our little house advent calendar and filled it with teeny tiny treats & ornaments.  But then last month I was surfing the iPad version of Martha Stewart and stumbled on a cute little display made of paper bags and string.  Super simple and pretty and I could imagine my version hanging on my green buffet.



Full disclosure:  I pulled this project together on December 5th because the first 5 days of December were just too crazy for me to have time to get it together.

I purchased teeny tiny Christmas-colored clothespins from Etsy seller Clip & Pin and I purchased the bags from Etsy seller The Party Fairy. There are a bajillion places you can find similar items.  I hung the bags on green baker’s twine and taped them down (kinda tackily) as seen below.



I printed the labels off on full-size labels on my printer at home and used a scalloped large hole punch to cut them out.





But what’s inside them? I’m so glad you asked! I loved the idea of doing experiential advent treats. So considering our holiday schedule, I’ve planned out various events that we can do together. For example, the first (ermm, actually the 5th) day, we did “have hot cocoa at Starbucks” and Simon came to join us. Then another day was “put on your jammies & see the Nativity at church tonight” which was one of the things we were planning on doing anyways.  There are a few special treats included, though, like a Buzz Lightyear ornament and a Christmas DVD of Rudolph.


So there you have it!  I’m loving how this project turned out and Jude can’t wait to open each little bag every morning.

What are you doing for your advent calendars?


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