Testing Out Warby Parker specs

I’ve worn glasses since the tender age of, um, fifth grade. However old that was. This was a pivotal style year that involved pink enamel-rimmed glasses, an enormous awful perm, and multicolored braces. Miraculously, this was also the same year I got my first boyfriend. So you better believe that by the time I got to around, oh, 8th grade, I was sick of messing with (my now tortoise-shell) glasses and it was time for contacts. From then on, I never turned back.

Ohhh, if only the nerdy, overeager little 5th grader of days gone by could see that glasses are totally cool now. Way cooler. And despite the fact that I reach for my glasses only when I’m chillin’ at home at the end of the day, my opinion is starting to change.

Case in point:

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And of course, Her Highness of Fabulous, Jenna Lyons of J.Crew

These are girls who are making glasses look good and fashiony.  I’m loving the contrast of girlie feminine clothes with the vintage feel of the thick-rimmed frames.

Enter Warby Parker. I had tried on a pair or two at their local showroom here in OKC, but I was greatly intrigued by the premise of picking out 5 frames to try out for 5 days. For free, no less. I placed my order online, based on the suggestions for my face shape, and 2 days later they arrived at my door in the most darling, fabulous black box that I seriously considered stealing keeping.  Presentation is everything, n’est-ce pas?


Inside were nestled my five picks, all happy in their white satiny beds.





And finally, yours truly modeling a few of the styles.  I really loved the Zaggs (that matte black finish is so gorgeous), but I think my final pick are the Finns because of their slight cat-eye shape.
All in all, I’m impressed w/ the product for the price point. High style, low price.  And after the five days, I stuck the mailing label back on the box and sent them on their happy way.
Are you a glasses wearer? Are you into bold, statement-making frames or do you want something more delicate? 

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