Musings on this Monday

I realized it’s been awhile since I sat down and pounded out a stream of consciousness post.  A few things have been floating around in my brain for awhile.
An old photo of newborn Jude. I wish I could step back in time and rock him to sleep!
1. Advice Needed
Any seasoned mommas out there that can give advice on how to keep your kid from coming into your room at the crack of dawn demanding breakfast and cartoons? Really — Jude has always been a good sleeper (look at my sleeping baby above – awww) but once we got rid of the crib (aka, Security, or, Baby Jail), he comes in sweetly and promptly every morning and gives kisses and then says somewhat loudly, “WAKE UP! Make me breakfast!!”  The problem is that our weird house does not have any locks on any doors in this whole house. PLUS, adding insult to injury, our bedroom door doesn’t exactly shut. I’m thinking that even if we did have a lock on an actual functioning door, he’d stand out there and shriek til we came to get him.  Gahhh.

2. Stupid Squirrels
You guys, I just went last week and bought pumpkins. I promptly scattered chili powder on top of them so as to avoid previous fiascos from past years, and then Mom & I drove up on Friday to find this:
Dadgum squirrels. Came home & found this one shamelessly having it's way with the pumpkins I JUST bought.
Shameless!  They have now eaten 3 of my 6 pumpkins.  I’m less than thrilled. We’re not even halfway through October.  🙁  I’m also lacking on getting up the rest of my fall decor as I have zero idea where it is all stored at in the garage. I’m thinking we sent it up into the attic, but I’m scared to death of the rickety ladder that goes up there, so I make Simon do it. 🙂

3. Thanks
Big thanks to Bobbi Brown for doing last week’s giveaway. Our goodies arrived on Friday and I was thrilled to pass along the pretty palette they sent to my mom.   Mom and I got to run around on Friday and go do a little shopping and let me tell you, it did this daughter’s heart good to get out with her momma. I know that doesn’t sound like any big deal, but trust me – it is.  She’s had a really hard few months of a vasculitis flareup, and her energy has been nil.  So any opportunity we have to get out and do normal things feels like a huge victory.  Anyway, getting that packet of goodies in the mail was like the cherry on top of the day. Nothing like a little lipstick to make a girl feel better, you know?

Speaking of giveaways, I wanted to do a little informal polling about blog stuff.  Is there anything you’d like to see more of here, topic-wise?  More DIY? More design projects and parties? Anything you’d like to see less of?  I love the entire blogging platform as it gives me the opportunity to pursue creativity in my everyday life, as well as collect ideas and form new relationships w/ readers.  As blog readership grows, more opportunities abound for giveaways, advertising, etc.; my goal is to stay true to who I am and not be promoting stuff that I wouldn’t actually be interested in otherwise while at the same time.  Does that make sense?

4. Funny
I saw these sexy, amazing pajamas in the lingerie department (srsly) at Target and just cracked up. I mean, weren’t we all just going bonkers for Missoni last week? Can the same retailer who puts out fabulous Missoni also be responsible for these heinous little jammies?  What grown woman is wearing these?

5. For Women Only
We’re doing this study at my mom’s Bible study this semester, and it has really been challenging me in the way I view my husband.  The video is a little cheezy, but the book itself is very interesting.  I’ve been really enjoying the discussion that we’ve been having about it and it just drives home the fact that women and men are just so different.   More than one girl in my group has mentioned purchasing the companion guide, “For Men Only” and putting it in their husband’s stocking for Christmas. 🙂

All right, there’s my stream of consciousness for this Monday.  Have a great week!


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