For the love of patterns

I’m going a little color & pattern crazy these days and I’m happy to release a whole new set of patterns for early fall!  One of  my favorite things about what I do is getting to try out practically any color scheme or pattern that comes to mind.  By keeping my business small and having the ability to do single runs of almost every product, I love that I can experiment with colors.  I hope you guys like what I’ve concocted!  I’m definitely excited about them.

Plus!  I’ve got the lucite trays in stock & up in the shop. They come in small, square, and large and the pricing, sizing, etc. are all in the listings.  I’m dazzled by them, you guys. I really am. It’s been my dream for a long time to get to offer these, and I am madly in love with how glamorously fabulous they are. I could have one in every room of my house. The other thing I’m really liking about them is that they’re interchangeable with other designs.  The design is printed on heavyweight card stock and can be removed and replaced with another design depending on your mood or decor. Additional designs are available for each size at $11 apiece regardless of the size of the tray.


Introducing the following new patterns!

Moroccan Tile (first image: tray patterns) (second image: phone cases)

A play on a traditional clover or quatrefoil pattern, these colors are what I’m loving for fall and they take on a whole new life of their own in these colorschemes. The whimsical monogram is a fun contrast to the geometry of the tiles.


Rugby Stripe (first image: tray patterns) (second image: phone cases)

I’m loving the contrast of the classic, bold-colored stripes against the whimsical monogram.

I’m kinda in love with all 3 of these.  ::sigh::

Breton Stripe (first image: tray patterns) (second image: phone cases)

I’m naturally gravitating towards lots of French-inspired stripes in my wardrobe these days and it’s showing up in my projects, too.  The Breton stripe is a classic and the simplicity is just so appealing.


Trellis (first image: tray patterns) (second image: phone cases)

Who doesn’t love a classic trellis pattern? I love the strong yet vintage quality of the monogram against the different color combinations of these.  This is the same pattern shown on the photos of the lucite tray above.


There you have it!  New goods!  The iPhone cases will be in the shop shortly and the trays are available now.  As always, if you’re wanting something custom done, just drop me a line and I’m usually happy to accommodate!

Oh!  And don’t forget — the Stella & Dot giveaway is open til Thursday, so comment on this post and “like” Sara’s Stella & Dot fan page for more chances to win!

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