La Vie en Rose

Alas, we are home from our grand adventures in France, but I’ve still got a couple of France posts left to put up.  We had an uneventful flight home and couldn’t have been happier to hug and kiss our boy. But we’re still dreaming of France and can’t wait to go back again someday.

We had to experience the famous Laduree macarons (not macaroons — these are little sandwich cookies) and waited in quite the line at the Champs-Elysees location. I probably wouldn’t recommend this particular one (there are several in Paris) as the tourists were clearly driving the staff insane.
But for all the hype, I have to say that they really lived up to it! In fact, they were so delicious that we had to go back on our last night for a second round. Our favorites were the vanilla and the cassis. And the packaging was so girly Marie-Antoinette-sweet. I loved every bit of it.
Photos from breakfast in our apartment – look at that butter. There are giant salt crystals from Normandy embedded in the butter, and it was so rich and delicious. That plus some apricot & raspberry jam et voila – the perfect petit dejeuner.

These tiles kept catching my eye. It’s a traditional French design and they’re made out of concrete. They come in dozens of colors. I fell in love with them when we ate at Bouchon in Las Vegas last year. They have bright cobalt tiles there.

A trip to Paris is incomplete without visiting some of the best museums in the world. We omitted the Louvre this time (I spent way too much time there as an art student and got overloaded) so this time it was the Musee d’Orsay (no photos allowed anymore! boo!) and the Musee des Arts Decoratifs (one of my favorites). They were doing an exhibition on the art of the automobile, and were showing 20+ of Ralph Lauren’s vintage cars. I am not a car person myself, but wow – these had some mad style!

Scenes around town from the Opera –

::sigh::  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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