Monday & the Weekend

Yay for Monday. Right? 🙂 I spent this morning at my MOMS group at church (kinda like MOPS) where we listened to a fellow mom who’s a couponing pro. I mean, I was majorly overwhelmed. Does anybody else get into that kind of stuff? Are you one of those crazy couponers who only spends like $20 on a year’s worth of groceries? I’m totally overdramatizing that, but that’s kinda what it sounds like when you listen to these people.  In reality, it sounds like another part-time job that I don’t have that much time for!

Was your weekend good? Mine was, but it was too fast.  Friday night was date night and we ate at West, a fun little new restaurant here in OKC.  When they bring your check at the end, they also bring you a bowl of housemade cotton candy. For realz.  The meal was great, but the cotton candy surprise might have been even better.  Then Saturday I had a fun little pop-up photography job.  A friend of my father-in-law needed photos taken of his baby – a 1972 Oldsmobile that he has restored to infinite perfection.  I tell ya, men and their cars.  Too funny.


Getting to shoot details of a car like that was actually really fun.  I’m not much of a car person myself, but this car was so retro cool.


We also had a busy birthday weekend — two (no, make that kinda three) parties in one weekend.  My mom and niece Amelia on Saturday night and my sister-in-law Carolyn on Sunday night!


Plus, the typical amount of work projects, church, and requisite naptimes. I hope your weekend was restful and a good end/beginning to another week!



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