Loving: Mane Message

A few weeks ago I noticed somebody (I think it was Greedy Girl) post these really cute hair ties and headbands on Pinterest. I was intrigued – super cute colors, and different than your typical hair band.  So I did a little research and found they were by  Mane Message.  Here’s the blurb  from their site:

Mane Message was founded by Olivia Hayward in 2009 in Santa Barbara, California. Mane Message started as a creative outlet for the 21-year-old college student who is studying Digital Art and Media Studies. Little did Olivia know that within a year her small business venture would take off, allow her to quit her job and teach her the joy of being a young entrepreneur.

I’m all about supporting small business — even moreso an entrepreneurial college student! I wish I’d been that enterprising back then!    Plus check out how cute these are — there are so many fun colors and the price point is great.

I ordered a few headbands and some of the hair ties. I really love them, especially since they don’t pinch and bend your hair like other ties do. I can put my hair up in a knot when I go to bed, and then my hair still doesn’t have any weird kinks in it the next morning.

Mane Message at Etsy