Happy April!

Wow – that went fast. Wasn’t it just Christmas?

Today I am sitting out in the backyard, enjoying 70 degree breeziness and letting my pasty alabaster legs soak up some sun. I am majorly looking forward to summer and hanging out by the pool, having snowcones, and having zero schedule.  Every single day of our week is filled with stuff — with the exception of Fridays and Saturdays.  Come May, that’ll be over with and I cannot wait! Not to say I’m not enjoying these days now. I am. But it’s just so busy!

And, one month from tomorrow, I officially turn (gulp) thirty. 30!  Or, as I like to think of it, “Thirty, flirty, and thriving”! (ha – name that movie). It kinda weirds me out that I will no longer be in my twenties. “In my twenties” sounds breezy and carefree. Thirty sounds … responsible.  Officially adult.

Ok. Moving on. What else … oh, isn’t it funny how sometimes you are influenced subconsciously? Enter my obsession and utter love for stripes, as evidenced by this photo I pinned the other day to Pinterest.  Darling, non?  Don’t you wish you were there? Doesn’t it make you happy and all beachy-feeling?

So when I saw this dress I’d been lusting over in real life the other day, it filled me with all the same happy feelings!

Belted w/ a little silver skinny belt and paired with yellow ballet flats, I’m happy as a clam.

It’s not for everyday — it’s big and slouchy like a favorite sweatshirt, but I love the way I feel nipped in at the waist with it belted. Summer perfection.

And adding to my beachiness are turquoise(!) nails. Again, not something I typically go for (I’m typically a pale nude pink kinda girl), but I’m surprised at how happy they make me!  Actually, this photo makes them look super neon, and they’re not quite so bold IRL.

nail colors - essie nail polish
Are you ready for spring? Ready to toss out your Uggs and put on your sandals? I know I am!