First April Weekend

Happy Monday to all.  I hope your weekend was lovely.  Ours was full of food and relaxing and it was utterly delicious (the relaxing, too!).  I spent tons of time outdoors soaking up the sunshine and enjoying Jude. I even managed to work in some exercise (sadly a first in a long long time).

There were walks to the park and a jaunt to new little sushi place up the street (two thumbs up). Movies, grilled cheese sandwiches, and books on the iPad.

Then on Sunday, a highlight of my weekend was a “blunch” — blogger’s brunch! — with fellow Oklahoma bloggers Kathryne of Cookie & Kate, Caroline of Greedy Girl, Kelly of Design Crush, and Kathleen of Jeremy & Kathleen. I really enjoy meeting up with other bloggers in real life and this was no exception. There were discussions about Mormon bloggers (apparently I’m not the only one who noticed how many there are! And no, I’m not one of them), photo source crediting, food, yoga instructors, and clients gone wrong. Loved it!


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