Matters of Housekeeping

Good Monday morning to you all.  I’ve got a couple of things to chitchat about.

First off, I am looking to sell my Pentax SLR camera and I thought maybe one of you guys would know someone who needs it at a tremendous deal. Please note, this is not a digital camera. It’s ye olde-fashioned film. But it takes a fantastic picture. I just don’t have any need for it these days as I’m saving my pennies for a Canon Rebel. So. Know of a photography student or someone who wants to learn how to shoot manually? This is a great one.  It comes w/ the original lens from the kit, as well as a black bag.  I’m asking $165 for it, but I am open to crazy offers. So shoot me an offer! I want this camera to go to someone who will use it. I hate that it’s just collecting dust over here.  Comment here or drop me an email.  I’m not sure what the shipping would be on this, but it probably wouldn’t be very much.

Secondly.  Would you “like” Pencil Shavings over on Facebook? I’m not entirely sure of what I want to do with the FB page yet, but I do think it’s a great idea to connect with readers. I’d really appreciate it!

Ok, I think that covers it for matters of housekeeping!

Speaking of housekeeping, today I’m battling mildew (yuck), toy organization (yuck), and a smoking car (double yuck).  The car is now at the dealership to be serviced for the second time in less than a week. And I’m craving chocolate and candy like nobody’s business.  Stress eating much?  Well, wish me luck – I’m off to tackle a few other work items and get some Etsy orders printed up to be ready to ship out tomorrow!