Snow Day. Or Lack Thereof

My little lion in winter.

Today is an alleged snow day. It was supposed to snow over an inch and be all icy and gross. It was icy, but zero snow. So all the schools are closed, and we are holed up in the house. This would have been more fun if it weren’t all icy but sunshiny. Oklahoma is weird.

So we’ve been cleaning house, putting away laundry, having meltdowns (me), and eating Nutella sandwiches. I also found a couple of costumes handed down to us from my nephews, and Jude is just the right size for them.

Have I shown you the flower that my mom gave me for Christmas? Yup, you read that right – Christmas. Looks pretty good still, huh?

You’ve probably guessed that it’s silk, and while I’m really not into silk plants, my mom, SIL, and I stumbled upon these and our jaws dropped. They fooled us three times over – I even reached down to smell it b/c it’s so lifelike. Mom gave all of us girls one, and I just love how pretty it is.

We also like playing w/ Jude’s big Christmas present from us, his Playmobil airplane. I think this toy is so much fun. Extremely well made and intricately detailed, we have had hours of fun playing.  It even came with a rolling suitcase!  Right now, though, in the cargo hold, we’ve been transporting Disney Cars, Buzz Lightyear, and the occasional dog.  Jude is very particular on who gets to ride in the airplane, especially up by the captain.

It even has a real little bathroom, complete with working toilet lid and actual toilet paper. I’m usually the one sitting in the back by the airplane, like this poor girl.

It’s pretty big, but it has withstood a few pretty big crashes. One time, there was this big crash on a desert island, and all the people were somehow miraculously healed of their illnesses, and then they saw a polar bear and …. wait. Oh yeah, that was LOST.

Don’t you just hate it when some big ol’ dude in a cowboy hat comes and sits in front of you, invading your space, and then tries to lean the seat back? I mean, honestly …

You can probably tell it’s a slow news day over here now that I’ve inundated you with photos of play airplanes. ::sigh:: NEXT!