Dad’s Special Box

I really enjoy being upstairs now that I feel it’s more cohesive. You may remember previous posts here and here on plans to upgrade our unused bonus space into something visually attractive and useable. Our Tolix chairs came after (literally) months of waiting. They were on backorder and just when I’d think they were about to be shipped, Pottery Barn would send yet another email stating they were on backorder. Again. Yuck.

The other morning I came upstairs to get Jude up and found him sitting in the window seat, looking out at the cul de sac. He was so sweet, watching the birds. And I have even taken a couple of naps in the window seat as well. The blue is soothing and pretty, the pillows are comfy — the perfect combination.

Sitting on the book shelf is what we call “Dad’s Special Box.” I had found it stuffed under a table in the office, and thought that it would be the finishing touch accessory for the bookshelf. I didn’t even think to look inside of it. Of course Jude would think to look, and it has a treasure trove of items just waiting for a little boy to explore.

I was admittedly delighted at what it held. It’s a fun little collection of ephemera, including track meet ribbons from our elementary school, his high school class ring, a few medals from basketball tournaments, and a collection of coins from around the world. Oh, and a wristwatch.

Our class rings were so ugly. I don’t even know where mine is anymore. Sad, b/c I’m sure someday I’ll want to show it to my kids. I used to wear my mom’s from the ’50s in junior high and I loved it. I loved how grown up I felt when I wore it.

I particularly love it that Simon won ribbons at the track meet in the long jump and jump rope. 🙂 hee hee  Oh, and a few other ribbons for excellence in a bug collection and … something else I can’t remember right now.

Ahhh, 1994. I was 13. With a perm, braces, and ugly glasses.  I think this was also the year I contracted lice at summer camp (YES, REALLY). It was a rough couple of years. Do teenage girls even have awkward stages anymore?? Mine was awful.

Don’t worry, Jude. I won’t let you get a perm.

Or ugly glasses. But I can’t promise about the braces, ‘kay?

Come to think of it, I guess I can’t promise about the lice, either. ::shiver:: YUCK.