A Pipe Cleaner Christmas

Only a few more days!!  I love this advent calendar “house” that my cousin’s family gave us a few years ago. Jude has been thrilled to wake up every morning and open the next door. Advent calendars were my favorite as a child.

After the great snow tubing extravaganza on Tuesday, I kidnapped Matthew and Luke and brought them home to our house. Jude is like a wild animal when his cousins show up. I can’t blame him – there’s nothing better than being with cousins. I adore having the boys here at our house; it would’ve only been complete if Ben could have deigned to join us (are you reading this, Ben? FEEL GUILTY YET?! HAHAHA).

We spent our time watching Christmas movies, eating pancakes, and running errands. I ran into Michael’s for some craft supplies and came out with a nice little selection. I’ll show you in a minute.

This year I went a little nuts w/ pipe cleaners. I love the look of tinsel pipe cleaner garlands on trees, but I never want to spend the money on it. It’s easy enough to recreate with pipe cleaners, and there are so many fun colors to choose from. I chose a rainbow of colors, and at only $.77 per package, I got a lot of bang for my buck. We have been playing with pipe cleaners for weeks.

Every year for the past 3 years, I get Jude’s photo made w/ Santa and then I buy a 50% off frame ornament from Pottery Barn Kids and hang it on the tree. The grandparents have also gotten one or two in the past, as well.

Last year, he was wearing his “Eat Cheese or Die” button, and holding simultaneously a golf ball and a football. Awesome.

This year’s. LOVE.

After we finished watching Elf, I pulled out my surprise supplies. At Michael’s, I purchased a smattering of styrofoam cones in various sizes, as well as some more pipe cleaners, mod podge, and one skein of fluffy white yarn. To do this, you really could use any variety of item, be it wrapping papers, ribbon, etc. One favorite idea was to glue peppermints on them, but I wasn’t able to get any. Wouldn’t they be fun as candy trees?


The finished product. This was the perfect project to keep boredom away, and to encourage creativity. All 3 boys – Jude (3), Luke (7), and Matthew (11), thought this was a fun thing. I was kinda sad when we had run through all the trees.  Originally I thought about mod podging the pompoms onto the trees, but they really were better applied w/ straight pins. Obviously I didn’t let Jude do that, but the other boys were able to easily.

From left to right: Luke, Matthew, Matthew, Rachel, Rachel, Jude, Luke.

Not associated in any way with pipe cleaners or crafts, but here’s the photo that Ben posted on my Facebook page tonight, entitled: “This is just what happens when you leave jude with us.”

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