Treehouse Pirate Ship

The title sounds crazy, but to a nearly-3-year-old, that’s what the new play system looks like: a “treehouse pirate ship.”

We are so excited – Amy asked me a few months ago if we’d be interested in my nephews’ swings and fort since they’ve outgrown it now (sad!!!). “UM, YES!” I replied. This was totally my childhood dream. I would have loved to have such a cool little getaway when I was a kid. So today was the big day – the arrival of the fort. It was a little beaten up from the hailstorm, but the company who made it was glad to repair it, so all is good.

Amy and Eric, thank you again for such a generous gift! We are so excited to have it here!

As soon as the men arrived with the fort, the neighbor kids were peeking around the fence to see what had arrived.  Mom and Dad came to help watch. We were a little nervous that it wouldn’t be flat enough in our yard, but the guys were total pros and assured us that it would be fine.

Up, up, and away!

I was really impressed. Clearly this was not their first rodeo. It would’ve taken us 3 weeks to assemble the thing ourselves.

AHOY! It’s ready!!  They were short a couple pieces of roofing, so they’ll bring it on Wednesday to patch it up.

As soon as the guys left, Fletcher from next door popped his head over the fence. “Where’s Jude? Can he come play? Can we come play?!”  Jude was napping, but the second he woke up he was out the door and begging for Fletcher and Ella to come on over. They are all really excited about the new treehouse.

Notice how not 5 minutes later, Fletcher had scaled one of the sides. OH MY.

Won’t this be the perfect thing for Jude’s Peter Pan party? A lost boys’ hideout! Or a pirate ship! Jude was partial to the idea that it was a pirate ship.

When it was time to go inside tonight so we could run some errands, he flipped out. Seriously, it was the biggest tantrum ever. Kicking, screaming, the whole shebang. “I LOVE MY PIRATE SHIP! I WANT MY PIRATE SHIP! I GET ON. MY. PIRATE. SHIP!”

Then he told me sorrowfully later, “I cried on my pirate ship.”

Me (nodding knowingly): “Yes. I know. I was there, hon.”

What a pretty sky tonight! Can’t wait for the rain tomorrow.

Thank you, Loper Family! I don’t know how we can ever repay you! But we have one very happy little boy.  xoxoxo

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