Why my husband is cool.

You guys. I can’t help it. I’m feeling the itch. I really need to pick up a paintbrush.  As we have discussed ad nauseum here, I really have no idea what to do with this random bonus room we have. It was originally a hallway. The people we bought the house from basically knocked a wall out and finished out the empty space under the roof. They added two dormer windows as well. It really changed the entire upstairs from a dark, dismal hallway to a big open fun space.

A space I have no idea what to do with. And I have no idea why that photo turned out so small (above).

So my wheels start spinning. I really don’t like how this enormous room is such a mishmash.Basically we’re using it as a storage facility or a REALLY BIG hallway.  Can I not figure out a way to make it attractive? Cohesive? Using mostly things we already have? A place we would want to hang out? I envision it as a kid-friendly, yet still functional and attractive living room. Somewhere that kids can still play and toys can roam free. ha!

I wrote out a list of words that I want to describe this room in no particular order:

  • – glamorous
  • – quirky
  • – eclectic
  • – industrial accents
  • – kid friendly
  • – whimsical
  • – useable
  • – comfortable
  • – stripes
  • – more light
  • – mirrors???

I started pulling inspiration photos and I noticed a trend. I really like stripes, the color blue, and particularly navy paired with white. As an added bonus, we already have most of these things in these colors. In fact, we have this enormous navy rug in the guest bedroom that would work pretty nicely. Hmmm.

I started getting a little nervous as I was brainstorming my master plan. Simon kinda wanted me to put on the brakes after all the painting I did earlier in the year.  I imagined that bringing this up to my husband would go something like this:

But in reality, it was more like this.

Look how handsome he is. How understanding. How glowing.  He then noticed the rug that was previously in the guest room laying in the bonus room.  I said, “please don’t go look into the guest bedroom and see the ridiculous mess I made getting the rug out from under the bed all by myself, taking up 2 days to accomplish because the bed was so heavy and I am so stupid to move it by myself.”

I know. It looked so pretty, didn’t it, hon? Remember how the guest bedroom looked like this?

Well, uh, now it looks like this:

This is me:
No way! You are the best! You love me! You really love me!

There’s nothing better than having my hubs on board for my crazy schemes.

So. All that silliness to say, I’m launching into this project, but I’m really excited about it. Thank you to Simon for letting me have another go at painting!

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