Barstools & Photo Shoots (again)

Woo hoo! I ordered my Tolix-esque barstools from and I couldn’t be happier. They are so nice, and just the right size. Even Jude can climb onto them easily. In fact, he has even discovered how to push all 4 of them to the back of the couch, climb onto the stool, and leap onto the couch.

Please don’t worry, Mom – he hasn’t done it more than once twice. 🙂

For $2.95 shipping, I was impressed until I watched my package on the UPS tracking app online and watched it come to Oklahoma City via Memphis and other cities, THEN take a definite turn south to Mesquite, Texas, only to turn around and come BACK to Oklahoma City. How the heck is that cost-effective, UPS? I mean really.

On Sunday, we had the final photoshoot for Kayne Gillaspie’s latest line of eveningwear and/or pageant dresses (I’m not really sure which). I really wish I’d gotten a couple of other photos, but I was busy working on stuff on the computer, and didn’t get in there to watch too much until towards the end.

This gown was completely beaded. Lovely but heavy.

Accoutrements of the day.

Can’t wait to see proofs from the shoot!

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