Settling In, plus giveaway winner!

I’m really excited about settling in here at the new blog. I feel like there’s greater opportunity for growth, as well as organization. You’ll notice that I’ve got a few more dropdown menus than I did at the other blog. Check them out at the top – under ‘About Me’ you can find my list of books for the year, as well as info about me, photos of the house projects we’ve done, and my journey w/ ulcerative colitis. I know people come here for various reasons, so I’ve tried to make it easier to maneuver around. There’s also a section devoted to the Design Studio. You can find more info there on my personal design manifesto (ha) as well as a few portfolio pictures.

I seemed to get a lot of messages lately for people looking for specific posts. There’s now a search bar in the upper right hand corner, on the navigation bar. Of course, as always, the tag menu on the right will show various categories I tend to use frequently.

Is the site loading slowly for anybody? It does every now and then for me, so I’m not sure if it’s just me or not. Comment below and let me know. I know there’ll be a few bugs to be tweaked, so I want to be sure and catch them as they come along.

Let’s see, what else.

OH YEAH! The giveaway winner!

Drumroll, darlings …

Congratulations to comment #10, Jennifer! Her favorite movie is Oklahoma! I’ll drop you an email and get you your DVD!  You guys all had a bunch of great favorites. A lot of them are faves to me too. Thank you so much for entering and for your comments!