Pencil Skirts for the Curvy Girl

Having been a curvy girl since birth, there are some things that I assume I just can’t wear. When you’re hippy and derriere-endowed, some things just don’t look the same on you as they do other people. Like shorts. So far, they’re a no-go. I just haven’t found the ones, and I’m semi-doubtful that I ever will. Maybe the trend will pass. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

But then again, that’s kinda what I thought about skinny jeans and pencil skirts. And that’s where J.Crew has come in and changed my mind with their matchstick jeans and the stretch double-serge pencil skirt. The salesgirl told me I just had to try these skirts, that they were so comfy and oh-so-flattering. I had serious doubts. Like shaking-my-head-on-the-way-to-the-dressing-room doubts. But she was right! They seriously are comfy and incredibly flattering. And while the model pictured below is hardly going to be described as bootylicious, it is a skirt that can fit all body shapes. Really.

I feel absolutely fabulous every time i wear this skirt. It fits great, is super comfy and stretchy, and the fabric feels really luxurious. I can dress it up or down easily. And it comes in a variety of colors; I love the blue pictured below.

So there you go. Don’t ever assume you can’t wear something just because you haven’t tried. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Even if it means you try something out of your typical comfort zone.

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