Nine by Design

Usually I’m more on top of things like this. But shamefully enough, I hadn’t caught any Nine by Design eps until this past week. Everybody kept telling me how awesome it was, and it truly is amazing. A design-oriented couple with seven (7!) children – who have the coolest names ever, by the way. I so want to name a kid Five. Or Bellamy. Such great names.

Anyway. Two things that I cannot get enough of from Sixx Design:

Utterly bodacious logo letters spelling “Family.” I mean, it does not get cooler than this. It appears they might be lit from behind? I can’t tell. Either way, I’m loving it. Y for Yankees! I for ICE! M for M&Ms!

Secondly, some amazing art. The first episode I watched was their family trip to London where they visited artist Ann Carrington‘s studio. I need to save up my pennies (for years and years and years) because her work is amazing. The texture and detail of her art is feminine and pretty using items such as safety pins, buttons, and sequins. Graphic and whimsical. I love it. LOVE it.

The typography of this one won me over.

When I win the lotto, I’m headed over to Ann’s.

Anyway, check out Nine by Design. It’s a fun show and it’s great to see large families portrayed in a non-offensive non-dysfunctional (read: Kate+8 or whoever) way.

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