Cari & Garrett

Cari called me a few weeks back about doing her wedding invitations and I could not have been happier to work with her. She and her fiance Garrett are getting married at White Dog Hill in Clinton, Oklahoma this summer in an outdoor ceremony with their reception to follow. White Dog Hill sounds so cool. While there’s not much information about it on the web, Route 66 Food has a captivating blurb:

White Dog Hill — which opened its doors in 2007 — is a relative newcomer to the Mother Road. The building that houses it, however, has been around since 1926, when it was constructed from native stone as a clubhouse for the Clinton Country Club. Owner Nelson King has spent the better end of three years restoring the property, which is situated on a hill three miles east of downtown Clinton, Okla., that offers diners a sweeping view of the countryside and the town below.

Um, fabulous outdoor wedding at a vintage country club? Yes please. I cannot wait to see the photos from this wedding. They’re going to be stunning.
This set is all about the typography. Cari was interested in monograms, and I felt like the large scale of their initials was perfectly dramatic.  I kept the colors simple with this one, just in black with cream paper. It has a nod to a more organic, outdoor feeling without being too formal. The type keeps it different, but with a nod to glamour. Originally we were going to do kraft paper inner envelopes to give a nod to the outdoor nature of the wedding, but Cari’s mom wanted it to feel a little more formal, so we ended up going with black inner envelopes. Either way, I think they would have been great.


But since Cari liked the kraft envelopes, we ended up using them for her thank-you cards.


The set also included a direction card, which somehow I neglected to photograph here. The RSVPs were actually A2-sized postcards with the return address on the back.



Chic. Simple. Eye-catching.


Thank you, Cari & Garrett! You guys are the best – I hope your big day is absolutely incredible!

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