Birds as Decor?


It’s true. Everywhere I look in magazines, birds are a central design motif.

We are so lucky to have natural birds in our decor. I know, right?!


The long and the short of it: bird perp flew into our house AGAIN the other day when I let Jude out to play in the backyard. The door didn’t shut all the way behind him, and I was folding laundry in the laundry room. All of a sudden, Jude was back, and chattering incessantly about birds. I finally focused on what he was saying and he wanted me to come with him to show me a bird. WHAT?

Yup. Back in the house. Flew all over the living room, and into the dining room.

Pooped on its way out the door, too. Clearly this bird’s mother never taught it any manners.