An Ode to Wallpaper


When we were snowed in at my parents’, I decided to photograph (almost) all of their wallpaper. I’m short a couple of them, but you’ll get the idea. There’s a definite love of blue and green going on here.

Amy’s bedroom (my childhood bedroom)
Amy - bedroom wallpaper

Amy’s bathroom
Amy - bathroom wallpaper

The hallways – I wish you could see the texture of this. It’s like a seagrass-type material.
Hallway - wallpaper

The dining room.
Dining room - wallpaper

The living room
TV Room - wallpaper

My adolescent bedroom. I picked out this wallpaper from Laura Ashley. I loved it then, and I still love it. It’s such a soothing, happy room.
Rachel - Bedroom Wallpaper

My bathroom. Laura Ashley also.
Rachel - Bathroom wallpaper

with love,

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