I knew it was only a matter of time before Jude started saying funny things. As the vocabulary comes together, with it comes the inevitable snafu or misunderstanding.

– After staying with my parents at Christmas, Jude became very aware of coffee. My mom would get up with him every morning and they would take coffee to my dad. Now it’s like he’s a Starbucks junkie in the making. Anyway, I bought a jug of chocolate milk the other day and poured him a cup. He shrieked, “Coffee milk!!”  And then he asked for it last night when he was stalling at bedtime.

– After his nap today, I picked Jude up out of his crib and carried him downstairs. For whatever reason, he stuck his hand on my chest and patted me. “Mommy naked,” he told me. Oh really? Huh???? For the record, I was definitely NOT naked.

– Earlier in the week, Jude and I took Forrest to lunch at Shartel Cafe and Simon met us. One of the waitresses was a really long and lean girl, with a very short pixie haircut. Forrest and I had just been talking about kids saying funny things that are semi-embarrassing. Anyway, the waitress went over to the table next to ours and started cleaning it up. Lately Jude is obsessed with if people are men. Or boys. Or girls. The waitress was, to be fair, a wee bit androgynous, and he started shrieking, “MAN? HELPING! MAAAAAAN?”  I tried to ignore it. Forrest said my face turned bright red. “MAN!  MAN! MAN! HELPING!”  Jude likes to keep nagging persisting until you respond to whatever it is that he’s saying, so I tried to redirect his focus, but to no luck.  He talked about the HELPING MAN all day.  :-    Forrest is STILL laughing about it.

– Favorite phrase that Uncle Forr has taught him: “cash money.”  Oh dear.

– In the car the other day: “Jesus loves. Jesus loves…”  This is his version of “Jesus Loves Me.”  A few minutes later: “Jesus loves Santa Claus.”  Um, I’m sure He does.