I’ve loved books ever since I was a little girl. A good book is like an old friend – it’s so easy to pick up where you left off. However, the problem is with what to do with all of them. I have this fantasy of having a gorgeous library someday, complete with rolling ladders! In the meantime, though, I need to do something a little more pulled-together with what I’ve got.

This is my rolling tower from Target. I got it 9 years ago when I moved into my first place, in college.

It’s seen better days, though. At one point, it stored dozens tank tops for my first job out of college at Pink Sugar (may it RIP). Anyway, I don’t really know what to do with it now, so it’s been storing my book collection. We’re thinking that we’re going to retire it to our college, where it can once again store tank tops. And maybe some sweaters, too. So what to do with this leftover space in the bonus room? And what of all the books?

Here’s what the space looks like — it’s up in our bonus room, at the far end. THis photo was from when we had first moved in. It’s such an awkward little triangle. And it’s the FIRST thing I notice when I come up the stairs, so visually, I really want it to be pulled-together. Because right now it looks like a mess.
The bonus room as of now

So what I’m thinking is that we need something not-so-vertical, but rather, more horizontal. Nothing higher than where the ceiling starts to slope upwards – something console-ish, but with storage. That got my wheels turning, and I started looking around on the internet.

This little number is pretty from Ballard. But not really enough storage, and because of its pretty little details, I’d want it more out on display. I think that what I’m needing is going to be more of a workhorse than this.

I also like this collection from Ballard, but I’m concerned it’s going to be more than I really can spend at this point.

I love beadboard, and this shelf from Pottery Barn Teen is cute. Once again, though, it would take multiples, and the price point isn’t exactly right.

So I guess this leaves us with your friend and mine, Ikea.

The Expedit may be my favorite choice of all and the price point is excellent; I would put this horizontally instead of how it’s shown vertically in this photo.

Other good Ikea picks —
Granemo Bookcase

LACK – because I adore the fun colors it comes in (but it doesn’t come in the right size. Boo.)

Any thoughts from you, dear reader? I’m accepting any and all suggestions for what I should do with this awkward little nook.