A Colorful New Year

Happy 2010 to each and every one of you! Much like Dickens says in A Tale of Two Cities, 2009 was in many ways the best of times and the worst of times, and we were not all together sad to see it go. We are looking forward to a marvelous, colorful new year.

Simon and I had our first all-alone grownup date in months. I cannot even remember the last time we went somewhere alone by ourselves. I got all dressed up and Simon said I looked hot – I think that’s the first time I’ve ever heard those words out of his mouth! How nice! Maybe I’ll wear that outfit more often…  Anyway, he had reservations for us at a restaurant in downtown, called Red Prime. We both agreed that this was probably one of our top favorite restaurant experiences in the Metro. The flavors were sheer perfection. And the decor was very red. My eyes hurt a little bit by the end of it, but the experience was similar to something you might have in New York or San Francisco. Very un-Oklahoma.

Still, that said, we were both surprised at what some people expect to be acceptable high-end dining dress.  Especially on New Year’s Eve. Not saying we were in a tux and evening gown, or that was even expected, but I am surprised sometimes at what some people settle for. It just wasn’t one of those jeans and a tee shirt kind of places, you know?

Ok, dress code diatribe over. We majorly enjoyed ourselves.




Afterwards, we were old fogies and went home to watch a movie. But on our way, we drove past the Chesapeake Energy campus. Every year they wrap each tree on and around their campus in gorgeous lights. This year, each tree was a different color, and it was stunning. I wish my photos would’ve turned out better, but they manage to capture the bright colors.





Did you have a happy new year’s? We definitely did. And while I haven’t made any specific New Year’s resolutions yet this year, I do want (and plan) to be more healthy and to continue to be more creative.

Oh! And because I am such a bookworm, I want to keep better track of  the books I’ve read over the year, so I’m creating a page here where I will continually add to the list. This is more for my own personal records than anything else, and mostly because it bugs me that the library does not keep a record of past books you’ve checked out.  Anyway, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, I’ll add a sidebar link.