Thanks to WordPress’s handy stats meter, I’m able to see a lot of things, namely how many readers I get per day (a couple hundred, and growing every month!), so I know you guys are out there, but I rarely hear from the majority of you! (In other words, comment away, darlings!)

Anyway, the other thing that I can see on the stats is the search terms that people use to find me. These are some of the more colorful ones:

Indian bathing beauties. (huh??)
putting candy windows in pre made ginger
non traditional Christmas inspiration
Red dress Gwen
I bought the chair at Pier 1
Jolly Allsorts
pencil shavings in candy (ick!)
one big baby (definitely not mine!)
how to stop colitis flare (good luck with that one)
crazy wig walmart
master o mania
Adult circus party (hmmm)

All in all, a motley collection, n’est-ce pas?

So, tell me – how did you get here?