Now it feels like Christmas!

Jude's Christmas program

Last night was Jude’s second-ever Christmas program, at his mother’s day out/school. He only goes once a week, so it’s not like he has just tons of time to be there to practice for these programs, but do you think I would miss it? Absolutely not! Last year, because he was one of the littlest ones, he was a present in the Christmas program. This year, he actually got to stand on the stage (at the front, mind you) and ring his jingle bells and sing songs. There was minimal singing, but there was lots of bell ringing and lots of dancing.

At first he was a little unsure. He couldn’t see us, which turned out to be a good thing. Because when he finally made eye contact with me, he tore on off the stage and came right to me. Too sweet, but it took some coaxing from Mimi Kim (my birth mom) and Simon to get him back on stage.  He cried a little bit, and lately he’s really obsessed with crying because later when we were talking about his songs and Christmas, he kept saying over and over, “Cry.  Cry?  Cry.”


Then afterwards, we got to pick up all the crafts and things that he made for the season. There was this “sled” made of a Hershey’s bar, 2 candy canes, and then a marshmallow snowman on top that was a particular hit.  I need to take a picture of the PRECIOUS plate they made with his handprint in the center. I love it.


Finally, when Santa showed up,  you would’ve thought it was the Rolling Stones. He started screaming “SANTA! SANTAAAAAAAA!”  It was really hard to wait his turn — all those cute little girls in party dresses somehow kept getting in front of him.


Oh, and then there was a second attempt to see Santa right before we left. He just couldn’t leave him alone! Santa was a skinny minnie this year — I’m thinking Jenny Craig helped him out after last year’s cookies.


Here’s Mimi & Jude (in a cookie-induced stupor)


And this may be my new fave – his cheeseball smile is just KILLING me. It’s so darn cute! I look extremely rough, but I figure it’s because I haven’t had my hair colored in 3 months. Oh, yeah, and I had surgery 2 weeks ago. 🙂  hee hee