Back Shortly!

Hey everybody!

Sorry for the blog absence. We’ve had a busy weekend. We ended up coming back to our own house for the weekend, and it was divine. Staying at my parents’ house has been great, but truly, there’s something about your own house, your own bed, your own … everything.

Yesterday I went to see my tummy doctor here, Dr. R.,  for my post-surgery checkup. I came into the waiting room, and there was a girl sitting there with her mom. She was in obvious pain, bent over in half, and really suffering. I thought back to all of the times I had been in that office, sick as could be. Or the two times I had to go into the ER and I couldn’t stand up straight I was in such pain.  I suddenly felt so thankful that that wasn’t going to be me anymore.

When I saw Dr. R’s nurses, they were so encouraging. “We don’t even recognize you,” they said.  “You look  SO good and SO much better!”  Then when Dr. R. came in, he said the same thing. “You don’t even look like the same person. You’re finally off of all those meds that were wreaking havoc on you.”  I felt so encouraged, so relieved. His nurse also made a good point. “We’ve only ever seen you when you’ve been sick,” she said. “We had no point of reference for what you were like before you were sick.”

And it’s true. I’m not sick anymore. We chitchatted for awhile, and everyone congratulated me on my surgery. And I felt really good about myself. I feel more like ME again.

Anyway, I’ve got a bunch of Christmas photos and things to post as soon as I can get my camera back from Simon. He’s been working like CRAZY and it’s really paying off. I’m so so proud of him. He’s doing an amazing job. He had his first sale this past week, and we’ve been thanking God for His goodness and the way He provides.

Ok, I’ll be back soon, this time with photos!


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