I heart Marimekko

When we were in Rochester up at the Mayo Clinic, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a shop called Counterpoint. It was just about as cool as any museum of modern art shop. You know the kind – all the exciting Italian designers, as well as fun gadgets, interesting books, etc. As it so happened, they had the largest amount of Marimekko products that I have ever seen in one place, in real life.

Silly me – I must be living under a rock or something, because this whole time I’ve been thinking that Marimekko was Japanese. Wrong. It’s Finnish. Well of course it is! Because anything cool is coming from the northern European countries. Anyway, there were tons of amazing fabrics, eye-catching pillows, and these amazing melamine trays that I wanted in every single pattern available. They also had some of the Marimekko clothes, but I’m just not that into their apparel. The cut is a little too…. generous. And the prices are astronomical. Not that the rest of the Marimekko line is inexpensive – it’s pricey, but the home goods are more reasonably priced.

I might have to troll around over at eBay….

Marimekko – Taikamylly fabric, blue – Sanna Annukka.

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