Make Like a Tree & Leaf


The leaf situation is out of control here. I guess that’s what we get for having all these gorgeous, mature trees in our neighborhood. The yard guys came last week to blow the leaves away, and not two hours later, the grass was totally covered again. This past weekend, Simon borrowed a leaf blower from Eric, and went to town on our gutters. It was a balmy 80 degrees, and we were enjoying the sunshine. Jude particularly enjoyed watching his dad wield a power tool.

Peanut Butter Baby

Nothing like eating a peanut butter sandwich while only wearing pants out on the back patio.

jude in the leaves

I should’ve taken a picture of all the leaves. They’re still out there. It’s like parting the Red Sea to walk to the mailbox.

Eating peanut butter sandwich

Jude, with half-intact PB sandwich, watching his Dad blowing leaves. He is unsure.

Oh WOW! Leaves!


Watching daddy blow the leaves everywhere

NICE!  I love the look on his face – he was delighted with the leaves blowing everywhere.

leaf blowing

But then there was this look of resignation right before he got pummeled with the leaves. Yum – Peanut Butter & Crunchy Leaf Sandwich. Blechhh.


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