Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I hope you’re having a fun day! I thought I’d post a few fun old photos…

My little giraffe last year!

Halloween 2000. I went as Tinkerbell and it was the first year that my oldest nephew Ben went trick-or-treating. I actually have a photo of him, me and Simon hanging on the wall upstairs. I just love it. This was the same year I made a really unfortunate costume for my friend MacKensie and she still wore it even though it was awful. And she is still my friend to this day. Ha! This photo was taken in my living room at my college apartment in Norman. I had just moved in and it was an absolute wreck.

Halloween 2001. I was a sparkly ballerina (I’m noticing a tutu trend – it was an easy dress to make and i loved making my own costumes) and Simon was a nerd. He had a sign on his back that said “kick me.”  We took Ben trick or treating for the second year in a row. I think he upchucked all of his candy like two seconds after we took this photo. Also for the second year in a row. 🙂 Love you, BenBen.

Halloween 2002. I went as Miss America and Simon went as Richie Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums. That was the popular indie movie that year, and at the party we went to, there were 3 other Richie Tenenbaums.

What’s your most favorite costume from Halloweens past?