Window Boxes

Sorry I’ve been so MIA this past week! I felt a little overwhelmed, getting back into the swing of things with Simon being back in town. Once again, thank you to everyone who has offered well-wishes about my mom’s health. We are so so so happy! Otherwise, it was an up-and-down week; we attended an unexpected funeral for a friend’s dad, and that seemed to set the tone for the rest of the week. I think I felt sucked dry of inspiration, hence the lack of blogging.

This week, I have to print up two different projects — baby announcements and baby shower invitations, and I’m excited about both. More on those later when I have something to share. Also, BSF starts up this Wednesday and I am so excited to settle into a new Bible study this year. We’re also 3 weeks into Mother’s Day out, and Jude already has a cold, which means that all 3 of us now have our first colds of the school year. YAY.

Ok, moving on!

This is the front of our house, as you’ve seen many a time if you’ve hung around here very long.This photo was taken back in summer ’08, right before we closed on the house. The seller had put those sweet little window boxes up on the new dormer windows upstairs. See those geraniums? Yeah, they’re fake. And they are STILL up there. They’ve held up really well, through rain, sleet, and snow, but it is time to bid them adieu. The fact of the matter is, I still want something low maintenance. I don’t want to have to hop up there and water them all the time. It’s just not high enough on my priority list. I probably won’t change out the boxes themselves right now – there’s other stuff that I’d prefer to spend money on in the meantime, but I’m open to suggestion!

Simon cheekily suggested that I look up photos on window boxes because they are the “eyebrows of the house” and they need to be “well-groomed.” Hahaha – I think they need a good waxing if that’s true!

Here’s some sweet, chic window boxes from Benita at Chez Larsson.

This one is gorgeous, but not right for our house – I love the European look to it.

Speaking of Europe, look at these heavy, draping flowers in Venice. Aren’t they spectacular?

I absolutely LOVE these window boxes in England. LOVE them. I think because they are so sculptured, especially with the little topiaries!

::sigh:: I’m still no closer to deciding what to do. I do know I want it to have character and style, and be low maintenance. ¬†Plus, with Fall coming on, I want it to be season-appropriate. Any recommendations?


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