Ohhh, Internet…. have you heard the word “mine” in your home lately? I mean, like, 50 times a day lately? We’re one month out from the terrible two’s, and yet in some ways, I think they’re imminent, if not present already.

I blame Sesame Street. I mean, whose great idea over at SS HQ was it to do an entire show on “Mine-itis”? I really think that was what planted the seed, darn it! If only we hadn’t watched so many episodes, he never would’ve heard the word “mine” and then it would’ve allllll been ok.

That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself, at least. 😉

Sometimes I think how funny it would be if toddler behavior wasn’t, um, stamped out all together. In other words, what if we as adults continued to act like toddlers? What if you saw grown men, laying on the floor at Target, kicking and screaming in the electronics department? What if you saw a husband and wife obviously trying to  come to an agreement about something, and the wife just sat down on her rear end in an apparent sit-in because she didn’t get her way? Better yet, what if I just got to throw my cup across a restaurant because the waiter didn’t bring me exactly what I wanted in the moment that I wanted it?

I’m kidding of course, but in some ways, I do see some of this behavior, buried deep down, in myself. Something to work on, non?

We’re almost to the 2-year mark with Big Red, and despite the beginnings of tantrums and terrible twos, he really is a good little boy. But to whoever thinks that we’re not all sinners, each and every one, I encourage you to get yourself a toddler!  😉

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