End of Week Update

Is it the weekend yet???

Imagine me, Internet: I am bleary. With dirty hair. My child has been playing in candle wax (yes – WAX) today and there are crumbs and cheerios all over my house. We have eaten junk this week and not near enough vegetables. Remember my to-do list from earlier this week? If not, allow me to refresh your memory as to my optimistic, if delusional, plans:

So this week, I plan on:
– updating Window Dressing (I’m a few days behind)
– getting my print projects complete and mailed/delivered (1 out of 3: complete!)
– making a cover for Jude’s nap mat that he takes to MDO (I’m going to use this cute duvet cover I got at IKEA)
– maintain a sparkling kitchen
– putting away all the crazy laundry that has overtaken the dining room
– enjoy reading library books while snuggled in my bed. Gotta fill that empty space somehow! Miss you, S!
– grocery shop. Blehhhh.
– Do my Pilates videos that I have in my Netflix onDemand queue. Yippee!
– Organize and arrange my jewelry and handbags in the closet.

Let us all have a collective, big hearty laugh at that one about “maintaining a sparkling kitchen.” Because that, my friends, is a big. fat.  joke. As is the doing of the pilates videos. Didn’t happen. And the laundry? Well. Let’s just say that it’s Mount Vesuvius on the ironing board in our bedroom. I have T-minus 24 hours to get things shipshape before the hubs comes home.

I give mad props to ANYONE who is a single parent. I am ready for my spa vacation, thankssomuch. 🙂

In other news, though, I am SO SO glad that Simon and bro-in-law Eric got to go to Johns Hopkins’ Vasculitis Clinic w/ Mom and Dad. They got NOTHING but GOOD NEWS while they were there, and we’ve all cried buckets of tears for how thankful that we are. God is good and He is in control. He has a good plan for each of us! Mom has a super rare disease (the doctor at Hopkins estimates that appx 80 people in the world have her disease; they treat 60 of those people), that’s for sure, but she has great hope! She doesn’t have to take the nasty chemo drug anymore, and for now she is in remission. It is a chronic disease, so it will always be there, but gaining control of her symptoms is huge. We are THANKFUL!

Other than that, not much other news here on the homefront. Blogs are updated, nap mat is covered (poor kid doesn’t have to sleep on plastic anymore), and I did get my print projects complete this week, so I feel a sense of accomplishment, even if my kitchen is a stinky mess and my floors are covered in crumbled Cheerio particles.


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