Product Rave: Living Proof No-Frizz

Ok, friends, is this your hair? Because it’s mine:

Frizz fest. Frizzy, crazy, thatch-roof cottage hair. It’s thicker than thick and the back wants to get all out of control as if it were Medusa on parade back there. So. If this is you, allow me to help you. Big time.

Get thee to Sephora and purchase this for yourself. It’s by some company called Living Proof, and it’s called frizz. I mean, how fun is that? Anyway, I bought up a bottle of it this past week, and now several days into it, I am a complete convert. Thatch roof cottage hair no more! I am clean, clear, and under control. Seriously. It comes in three different versions, depending on your hair thickness. And then, depending on if you want it to be straight or wavy, you can choose your formula from there. I haven’t tried the wavy stuff yet – just the straight. But I admit that I’m really curious.

So there you go. My newfound product rave. As if I need any more excuse to give my money away to Sephora.