10-Year HS Reunion!

This will undoubtedly be boring to anybody who doesn’t know us, or didn’t grow up with us, but oh well. My mom will appreciate it! We went to a really small Christian school growing up. I was there from pre-K to 12th grade; Simon was there from kindergarten to 12th grade. It’s kinda like coming from a small town. Everybody knows everybody and we’ve stayed close to a handful of people.

Me ‘n Simon. There were 55 people in our graduating class, but we are the only couple so far!

Awww, baby Rachel! Here I am in all my natural hair color glory. And unplucked brows(!).

Isn’t Simon a doll? He’s always been cute. Always. He was the cutest little kid, too.

Here’s Dr. Christa, Julie, and me. We have a good time. For the record, having a good time=the mall. And girls’ trips to Dallas.  I really hated my hair that night. It did not turn out good. And I have perpetual puffy face. :-

More friends — Dara, Shara, me, and Christa. Did you know that in our class, we had 2 Daras, a Shara, and a Tara? And they all had the middle name “Lynn.” What are the odds??

Finally, everybody with their kiddos — we had a really good turnout!